Reformat is a Dirty Word

We all love to get our hands on our brand new PC. Everything works, and it’s so fast – such a relief from the old dog it replaced.

But as we all know that over time, slowness creeps in, crashes occur, and after a while, we’re longing for another new one. Why does this happen? Well one reason is that software – applications – get updated, and simply consume more and more machine resources every time a new release comes out. So in the long term – and we believe PC life should be planned to be about 2.5 to six years – the machine will eventually have to be replaced. So the question now becomes how do we maintain reasonable performance and reliability over the machine’s expected lifetime, without having to replace it every year?

Many users resort to regular reformatting – which is almost guaranteed to restore operations to as-new condition, but at PASR, we treat this as a last resort action. Why?

While a reformat is often a relatively simply operation in itself, so much additional work needs to be performed – reinstalling applications and settings, re-patching to current levels, while at the same time all a users’ settings, customization and data have to be recreated. And at the end of the process, the machine may perform just as badly again, and will probably will deteriorate again in a few short months.

At PASR, we take a different approach: – As we monitor event logs, performance alerts and general condition – in real time – we can generally identify and correct such issues without having to resort to reformatting. We can also identify failing hardware if it exists – which a reformat will definitely not fix, plus identify buggy software and drivers, incompatible applications, and much more. Initially, we perform a performance analysis, followed by log analysis for errors and performance issues. Simply cleaning up startup items, temporary files, additional applications and services that have been apparently magically installed to supposedly help us can and does provide almost immediate relief – without losing everything we have created and configured.. Following on from initial analysis, we will then discuss with you which installed applications may not be required, and then remove them.

So, if you think a reformat is a good idea, feel free to go ahead, but if you want your machine correctly diagnosed and fixed, call us at PASR.

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