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More Than Just A Simple Cloud Resource

These days, businesses are leveraging more and more functionality from the ‘Cloud’.

So what to do if you need more than just a simple cloud resource? What if:

  • You want to be sure exactly (physically) where your cloud resources are located
  • You want to know exactly who has access to your cloud data?
  • You are constrained by regulatory requirements as to where your data is located?

PASR has partnered with En Technologies & ViewQwest to provide clients the benefit of world-class data centre facilities locally in Singapore, at their Pandan Loop facility.

Because we have direct control over our own servers, you are assured of high quality equipment and stable operating platforms. This allows your business to function exactly the way it should.

Hosting with us offers the following benefits:


  • Individual drive failure – the most common type server hardware failure – does not result in any downtime for replacement –  because all PASR server hardware utilize Hewlett Packard Enterprise Proliant rack-mount servers, with hot-swap fully redundant drive arrays.
  • A  failed drive does not cause any interruption to services or loss of your valuable data – as all operating platforms and data are stored on SAS hardware-mirrored drive arrays (RAID-1).
  • Response time to critical server issues requiring console access can be performed remotely – saving access and travel time in the recovery process, so applications service interruption is minimised – as all PASR Hardware features full Lights-out management capability, permitting complete access to console, BIOS and ability to load and deploy operating system and applications completely remotely via local images or optical media.
  • Your data is secured and protected from any attempts at hacking or private data breach – as all internet-facing servers are deployed in locked down mode, with only required services and features installed and enabled, and firewalled to permit only authorised services.
  • Your data which need not be publicly-accessible directly is further protected from public scrutiny – via a separate and private local area network (non-Internet accessible) is employed to permit communications to back-end database, application and storage servers, and runs at 1GBps.
  • If a problem does occur, PASR knows immediately before you and your users are impacted, and PASR responds quickly to remedy – because all provided services are monitored 24/7 for availability, performance and error events.

Download our hosting datasheet now.

More Than Just Hosting

At PASR, we take pride in creating IT systems that work. We constantly add to our stable of services to ensure our clients receive solutions that are the perfect complement to their businesses.

In 19 years of operating our data centre resource, we are pleased to note that there has never been a successful hack, nor any successful attempt to access confidential data.

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