Who manages your IT?

Managing IT in an SME environment under 200 users is not a full time job, so who does it?

When you have 10,000 doing it is easy – you have a full-time IT Director with a fully staffed IT department to cater to all IT requirements. When you have 100 (or 10) staff, it’s a much more difficult question:

Consider the options:

  1. If you do it yourself [assuming that you are fully up-to-date in the IT field] this takes time, and that means time away from building your core business to do it.
  2. If one of your staff members does it [assuming they are sufficiently ‘up’ with IT to provide support] they also lose valuable time and that distracts them and diminishes their core value to my business?
  3. If you have a guy come in as and when needed to deal with problems on a one-off basis – this is fine when dealing with the “known knowns” – BUT how do you deal with the “unknown unknowns”? How do you deal with the problems that you don’t know about, like security, malware protection, data leakage?

Virtual IT Director - the PASR solution

Business owners of companies with under 200 staff do not have access/budget to have an IT Director. We provide this as a virtual/part-time service giving the business owner appropriate advice for their business situation.

We meet formally with the business owner on a regular basis to discuss strategy concerning technology platform and direction. The business owner thus does not need to be IT-literate to make informed decisions about how to use IT to the best advantage in the business.

PASR becomes the Trusted Advisor to the business rather than the owner relying on one-off consultants and vendors that simply want to sell their products/services.

With over 38 years in the IT industry, from supply, to service management, to service consumption, and with the prior 14 years in a banking environment, we are well aware of the issues that businesses face in operating, securing and protecting their IT assets.


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Case Study

Client in the Legal industry, employing around 95 staff, including one full-time IT professional.

  • Despite investing heavily in technology for supporting their business, was not able to reap the benefits of their investment.
  • Despite having six servers, two ISP/Internet connections and two firewalls for high-availability, they still experienced far too many service outages, including email outages that would last for multiple days each incident, and causing major disruption in communications with their clients – not to mention the negative impact to their professional image.

Following completion of an in-depth analysis and review of their infrastructure, PASR provided and executed a 21-point action pan to address significant failings in availability/redundancy, backup, high-availability.

Key Actions:

  • All domain services AD/DNS/DHCP were dualized – thus now no single point of failure
  • Shared server files for the organisation were duplicated in real-time  – again no single point of failure
  • Inbound/outbound Internet services, including emails, were reconfigured to take advantage of systems that the client had already paid for but could not previously benefit from.
  • One of six servers was retired due to age and lack of use.

Business Benefit:

The client subsequently experienced significantly higher availability and recoverability for all services to all staff.

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