Do you have a need to automate a manual process?

For example a series of spreadsheets, or an approval process spanning multiple persons and geographies?

Perhaps you have a collaborative need for data-intensive information stored in a single spreadsheet that needs to be controlled but also must go the rounds of many users or component updates?

Look no further!

With PASR’s Application Development, you can now power your business with an IT system custom designed to give you everything you need and none of what you don’t.

At PASR, we create IT solutions that target your specific business requirements, thereby helping you reduce costs while making the most of strategic market opportunities to expand your business.

We specialise in building a wide range of bespoke applications for both large-scale enterprise applications as well as automating business processes for small and medium-sized businesses, and delivering high quality IT systems that work.

Harnessing the Finest Technology

Armed with the much-needed tools for the digital age, your company can reap the countless business opportunities that the Internet has to offer. Adhering to a strict set of development guidelines, we construct, maintain and operate applications and sites, delivering the utmost in security and reliability.

We harness the power of some of the finest technology around including well-known brands in IT such as:

  • Microsoft’s .NET platform – Leveraging the platform’s rich functions, we rapidly build and deploy highly scalable thin-client (i.e. hosted solely in a web browser) solutions –  the business benefit of this is that you get standards-based code and not tied to any particular platform or developer, that you own, forever.
  • CSLA.Net – A scalable n-tier component framework, companies benefit from its multi-tiered design approach and sophisticated functionality that delivers better quality codes with fewer bugs, scalability and lower maintenance costs in the long run  – the business benefit of this is that complex applications requiring complex business logic and permission-ing are constructed much faster with lower overall development costs.
  • Other 3rd party tools and layers – Once integrated, these provide:
    • Rich web-client functionality akin to native Windows applications.
    • Wide availability that allows user-friendly access from anywhere in the world.
    • Encapsulation of common functions, such as customization time-zone offset adjustment and multi-language capabilities.
  • Subversion-based code versioning and safekeeping – thus you keep complete and absolute control over code you own always.

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