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Reformat is a Dirty Word

We all love to get our hands on our brand new PC. Everything works, and it’s so fast – such a relief … Continue reading Reformat is a Dirty Word

Restricting Admin Rights

Many times users ask why do we restrict use and availability of admin rights for their PCs, given that they own the … Continue reading Restricting Admin Rights

The Difference between ShutDown & Reboot

When Windows starts up initially, it goes through numerous initializations that only happen at this time. The registry is read for various … Continue reading The Difference between ShutDown & Reboot

Understanding Email

Email is used almost universally today by everyone, and has been around now for five decades. However, in arranging an email service … Continue reading Understanding Email

Understanding your Internet Presence

Let’s face it, a business hardly exists today unless it has an Internet presence – a website, email, blog, etc. Many business … Continue reading Understanding your Internet Presence

File Organisation

Electronic File Organisation Unfortunately, the organising of electronic files tends to be a haphazard process, and compounded by the facilities offered by … Continue reading File Organisation

A Short History of Windows (for the Layman)

A Short History of Windows The ubiquitous Windows operating system has been with us now for 20 years. For better or for … Continue reading A Short History of Windows (for the Layman)


Rule Number One – Don’t trust anybody! Not even your friends! Unfortunately, for anyone who uses a PC today, viruses are a … Continue reading Viruses


All about Backups Common wisdom holds that backing up files on personal and business computers is essential, yet this crucial task is … Continue reading Backups

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