At PASR Technologies, it is our job to ensure that your IT system operates at its prime. Our Managed IT Services provides an all-encompassing management framework to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.

From servers and network devices, down to individual desktops and laptops, our service guarantees that your IT systems are monitored at all hours, seven days a week.

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  • Comprehensive IT Support

    PASR offers complete support for every aspect of your company’s IT infrastructure. We take care of all backend systems including servers and network devices, and manage the full range of end-user requests.



    Fast Response Time

    Leveraging a combination of onsite and remote access, PASR tailors its service to match each specific need. This optimizes our response time for simple issues by reducing travelling time, thus ensuring the quickest action for your IT requests.

    24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

    Included as part of our Managed Services package but also available as a stand-alone offering, RMM is designed to alert us to potential problems before they affect your business. This proactive approach allows us to take the necessary steps to ensure your environment and systems remain highly available at all times.

    Regular Reports

    As part of our service, you can choose to receive a weekly or monthly executive site summary report detailing the status and availability of your system, as well as the work performed and the response times.

    Unlimited Service Calls

    For a fixed monthly fee, we offer unlimited service calls which cover administration and support of your systems and ensuring that all your IT components are operating effectively in their existing configuration. (Note: Changes to the environment, for example, new systems or major configuration changes will be a separate charge.)

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Case Study


Client in the Logistics industry, following a corporate merger, suffered numerous problems before coming to PASR:

  • Despite having a full-time IT support staff member, this organisation experienced daily outages from having multiple email systems
  • Despite having a total of eight servers to support their 85 user-population, had zero redundancy for any systems [i.e. any single server failure could take all users offline from all systems]
  • Could not communicate effectively and share files with their remote office
  • PCs were continually hit with virus and malware attacks
  • Licensing status was completely unknown

After engaging PASR, our client:

  • Purchased one new server to replace aging and failing hardware
  • Retired older and under-utilised boxes to end up with only three servers and a single email platform
  • Replaced expensive leased-line communications between offices with Internet VPN technology – thus saving significantly on monthly services subscriptions.

Client also replaced their full-time staff with PASR Managed IT Service and enjoyed the benefits of:

  • 20% saving in their IT support costs
  • Daily outages to less than 3hrs monthly downtime
  • Better use of communications enabled secure access between their offices
  • Overall better end-user productivity

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