40% of Businesses Hit by Ransomware in the Last Year

Nearly 40 percent of businesses have experienced a ransomware attack in the last year, according to a new study.

Scary results from this study suggest that apart from the cost to productivity, more than 30% of businesses lost revenue and 20% had to stop business completely.

Despite the focus on updated malware protection, these attacks are still getting through.

Even more disturbingly the study suggests that 40% of victims are paying the ransom demand, and yet they should simply be able to restore from backups.

The fact that they don’t suggests that they don’t have adequate backups.

If you are not 100% sure your backups can protect you from ransomware losses, contact PASR today to ensure that if/when you are hit, you will not end up paying hundreds, or thousands, of $$$$$ to get your data back.

There is currently NO OTHER WAY to reverse the effects of this malware!

If you would like to discuss this issue and what it means for your business, please get in touch. Since inception in 1996, PASR Technologies has been providing SME business owners with a level of service and support to the SME business owner that is typically only directly available in very large organisations.

Servicing businesses from 10 to up to 200 employees, our clients range from local SMEs through to regional offices of larger MNCs, and include airlines.

At PASR Technologies, we solve your IT problems before you even realize you have one!

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