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Is Windows Finally Secure?

We’ve all believed for so long that the Windows operating systems are full of security flaws: – but is this really the case, and more to the point, is it still the case?

With the significant number of security flaws impacting non-windows systems coming to light over the past nine months – a new phenomenon in computing history, I’m prompted to ask this question. General perception has always been that only Windows suffers from security flaws, but I’m not a believer, and would to present here a different perspective for your consideration. Continue reading Is Windows Finally Secure?

Who can access your cloud data?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, The US Justice Department is insisting that Microsoft give them access to email data of a subscriber from Office365 servers physically located in Dublin Ireland.

While we don’t know who that subscriber may be, or why such data is required, or where they are domiciled, it raises a number of questions for organisations planning to, or already having, their data maintained in cloud facilities owned and operated by US entities.

It seems that just having the physical servers located outside the USA does not preclude such access. Therefore such access provisions would apply to Google’s various cloud platforms, Amazon’s AWS, and of course Microsoft’s Azure, among many others.

It’s no wonder that signing up now for Office365 involves a lengthy security check confirming we as users know an understand the risks and access provisions that could apply.

Before you move your data and hosting to the cloud, make sure you are not subject to any local regulatory restraints that may preclude you from doing so, or run afoul of the local regulator.

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